Who We Are: The Practice


An Ivy-League trained Plastic Surgeon offers all-inclusive membership at her charming, boutique medical aesthetic studio, unlike any other in the city.

A “Secret Society” for your face, Sub Rosa Private Aesthetics is a members-only, all-inclusive experience for the discerning professional woman who wants to remain ageless and dignified as she builds her legacy… without surgery.  More than a medical practice, Sub Rosa offers members everything you need to be beautiful for a lifetime… and nothing you don’t.  Tucked away in the heart of the West Village, our studio is an elegant, candlelit oasis.  Once you’re here, you’re family.

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Who We Are: The Doctor


You’ve done so much in life.  And you’re only getting better.  My aim is to help you, the accomplished woman, continue to project that vibrant, sexy, “who-is-that-girl?” confidence that has taken you so far… and to keep that look for a lifetime.

The key is starting early.  And doing less.  But regularly.  In all areas of life success rewards those who make a habit of healthy routines.  I will show you how.

I trained for more than a decade at some of the world’s finest institutions — Harvard Medical School, The Mayo Clinic, and Yale College.  As a medical student at Georgetown University I was inducted into the Alpha Omega Alpha honor society for academic excellence and won the school’s award for Leadership & Compassion.

I am a plastic surgeon.  But I have chosen to use my “powers” to help women AVOID surgery.  We want everyone to notice.  But no one needs to know!


Sonita Sadio, MD

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Who You Are


A Few Good Women

We appreciate that this approach is not for everyone. Many women can have their needs met by one of the many wonderful doctors here in New York. Our city is a beauty mecca!

Sub Rosa was developed with a certain woman in mind.

Maybe you:

Are in your 30s – 50s and want to start early, doing less… to avoid doing more, later.

Are put off by invasive, expensive procedures that make a woman look “done.”

Want to look like yourself, and other women in your family.

Believe women are like wine, getting better and better… not like milk with an expiration date!

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How It Works

a home away from home

Behind the doors of a non-descript, unassuming little building in the West Village is an oasis. The door is locked. And our sign is not obvious to passers-by. But once you are buzzed in, you will be greeted by our friendly concierge and escorted into a secret sanctuary. Champagne candles burn. Gentle music is playing. Our limited clientele are family to us. Because we get to know them over time.

No more standard medical office with clipboards and arrogance. No more phones ringing off of the hook in an office busting at the seams.

The Sub Rosa experience offers the luxury of ample quiet time and attention with your own private doctor… one who listens.

Members Only - everything you need

Our “less is more approach” would be much more expensive on an a la carte basis. But that’s not the most important reason to choose membership. Pricing “by the syringe” or “by the unit” discourages consistency… and distorts sound decision-making.

That is why I decided to build Sub Rosa around a membership model.

Sub Rosa’s members enjoy the very best, proven techniques, but in smaller quantities, at more regular intervals. Everything you need to look your best is included, be it botox, injectables, and/or light-based therapy.

Continuity is key. Today’s best-looking forty- and fifty-something celebrities have been using this approach. These are the ones we DON’T read about in plastic surgery articles. We just read about how they are “aging graciously.”

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A Few Good Women

sub rosa is a membership-based practice. Guest memberships also are available on a limited basis as a way to get to know us… to give you time to determine if our practice is right for you. If space is not available at the time of your inquiry, we do maintain a wait list in case of an opening.

Feel free to drop a note to our concierge at concierge@subrosas.com.

Dr. Sadio also has a weekly channel. View it here.


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