Sub Rosa offers its clients decades of confidence in their appearance with a unique membership model that takes a pragmatic approach to aesthetics.

There is no magic bullet, but I know women in their 70s who defy their age and project a vibrant, sexy attitude.

We start early with proven, personalized skincare and employ advanced techniques in moderate quantities at more frequent intervals to help clients achieve a more radiant, maybe-she’s-born-with-it look.

Chasing wrinkles with disappearing fillers and excessive Botox is obsolete and telltale. We tone the muscles, repair the skin and keep it properly nourished.

I am a plastic surgeon. But I have chosen to use my “powers” to help women AVOID surgery.

I am a plastic surgeon. But I have chosen to use my “powers” to help women AVOID surgery.


The Sub Rosa experience and personal attention clients receive sets us apart from most medical practices. 

Members enjoy the luxury of completely private appointments in an intimate, non-clinical office with a familiar doctor.  I take the time to listen and maintain an extensive history to inform treatment.  My clients are busy, so there is never a wait time. Paperwork is handled electronically at their leisure. There are never additional fees or pressure to purchase products.  Sub Rosa women are smarter than that.

Our semi-annual fee includes: all consultations, no-hype skincare, platelet, micro-current and and laser/light-based therapies. For most clients, these treatments would be much more expensive on an a la carte basis. But that’s not the most important reason to choose membership. Pricing by the syringe or by the unit discourages consistency and distorts sound decision-making. I know that continuity yields more natural results and prevents a woman from looking ‘done.’

Continuity yields more natural results and prevents a woman from looking 'done.'


This approach is not for those seeking a quick fix. It resonates with women who are prepared to make an investment in themselves in the same way they prepare for their financial future and maintain physically fitness.

Most of my clients...

ARE 30 – 50 and want to start early, doing less, to avoid doing more, later

WANT to look like themselves and other women in their family

NEED to be taken seriously in their careers

TAKE CARE of their diet and exercise but feel younger than they look and have lost confidence in their appearance

If this sounds like you, we invite you to join our waiting list if you do not know a current member. Membership is by invitation only to ensure the practice is the right fit for each client. Please call Dr. Sadio at 212-401-1215 to inquire.


I trained for more than a decade at some of the world’s finest schools and medical institutions— Harvard Medical School, The Mayo Clinic, Yale College and Georgetown University—and my education continues every day.

While you don’t need an Ivy-league educated doctor or even a medical degree to perform some of the more basic treatments, my clients value the security that comes with knowing they are in the best possible hands when it comes to their face.

I have performed the entire scope of plastic and reconstructive surgery from facelifts and body contouring to pediatric cleft lip deformities among underserved children in Peru and complex craniofacial trauma in an Arizona prison population.

Precisely because of my extensive training I do not advocate surgery as a first resort. There is a better, smarter way.